Studio Works 2020-21

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Enchanted Way 1996-2020

Tarp, fabric, string, oil, acrylic, wood, and dye on panel. String, pastel, carbonized wood, oil and acrylic on wood box.
104 x 57 x 6″

A Mystic Passage 1996-2021

Tarp, paper, felt, canvas, oil, and acrylic on panels.
48 x 68 x 8”

Crossing the Ephemeral 2010-2020

Oil, acrylic, pastel, carbon, paper, string, music wire, branch, oar and aluminum on canvas.
77 x 41 x 26.50″

The Weight of Surrender 1996-2020

Tarp, string, wood, canvas, aluminum composite, sandpaper, key, oil, acrylic, mastic and carbon on panel.
48 x 32 x 8”

An Evanescent Tide 2010-2020

Oil, acrylic, shellac, oil bar, fixative, wax, string, paper, canvas, drip pan, stir paddles and magnets on panel.
48 x 53 x 6”

Mater 1996-2020

Tarp, paper, string, wood, oil, dye, acrylic, wax and carbon on panel and aluminum.
48 x 42 x 2”

Lead Moon/Carbon Eclipse 2018-2020

Lead, carbon, acrylic and canvas on aluminum composite. Carbon and acrylic on aluminum.
75 x 42 x 3”

Altar of Medusa 2014-2021

Acrylic, string, fence salvage, mirror, carbon, shellac, oil, and canvas on aluminum.
110 x 70 x 22.5″
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