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The Fall 2017

Wood, envelopes, mirror, metal box, glass, shellac, ink, oils and dye.
26 x 7 x 5.5”

The Unspeakable World 2018

Metal canister, box, woods, metal, glass, watch glass, papers, foam core, acrylic, dye and oil.
39.25 x 48 x 12″

Being 2016

Acrylic, string and string bale on canvas on aluminum.
52 x 20.5 x 12”

The Poet: Homage to Morris Graves​ 2018

Wood chair, pastel, dye, oil, wax, music wire, acrylic, ink and string on canvas on aluminum.
94 x 46 x 19.50”

A Great Volume of Connection 1996-2016

Acrylic, oil, oil bar, shellac, wire, string and canvas on panel and aluminum.
96 x 48 x 12″

As The Known Expires 1995-2013

Oil, acrylic, paper, tarp, fabric, string and canvas on aluminum and wood panels.
78 x 62 x 2.25”

As Night Falls, So Mourning Begins 2012

Graphite, alkyd, paper, sumi-e ink, fabric and string on canvas.
40 x 40 x 2”

Box Landscape 2015

Acrylic, ash, thread and canvas on canvas with wire and box.
30 x 15 x 9”

A Specific Weakness 1996-2014

Acrylic, oil, tarp, thread, solvent body, plexi and linen on panel.
72 x 38 x 6.5”

Volume of the Change 2014

Tarp, mirror, photo, string, acrylic, carbon and canvas on aluminum.
84 x 40 x 3.5″

Liviathan 2013

Acrylic, Sumi ink, shellac, bitumen, glass, carcass hooks, cold chisel, wire, hardware, papers, string, fabric and canvas on sheet aluminum.
106 x 40 x 8″

When Warriors Become Poets: Homage to Milarepa 2013-2015

Acrylic, pastel, coffee, marble dust, thread, canvas, loom parts and carcass hooks. 88½ x 81½ x 3½”

Loss of Recognition 2013

Scroll: Sumi ink, acrylic, paper, thread, pastel and oil bar on canvas. Panel: Hardboard, corten, stir paddle and dye on wood.
108 x 78 x 4”

NOCH: The Volume of Man 2016

Carbon, marble dust, acrylic, pastel, pigment, canvas, tea tin, string, watch glass and magnet on canvas on aluminum.
52 x 20.5 x 9″

A Distal Object 2017

Acrylic, oil, ink, pen, pastel, charcoal, dye, varnish, paper, silver leaf, thread, wire, screen, spring steel, handle, fish trap and medical device on canvas and panel.
98 x 126 x 12″

Memories In The Medicine Blanket  2013

Acrylic, charcoal, oil, oil bar, dye, string, tarp, paper, foil and plant material on canvas.
120 x 100 x 33”

Emergence of the Feminine 1996-2021

Wood, vermiculite, oil skin, varnish, oil paint, tarp on panels.
48 x 94 x 8”

Love’s Near 1996-2010 (Private Collection)

Oil skins, wood, paper, tarp, sumi, oil on canvas and panel.
48 x 94¾ x 2½”
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