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A Great Without (Detail) 2011

Sumi ink, acrylic, steelwool, string, plastic tubing, paper and tarp on panel.
60 x 140 x 3” Installation Size: 96 x 320 x 3″ variable

Will You Remember Everything Everywhere?: Homage To A. Huxley 2013-2020

Wall: Acrylic, Sumi ink, pastel, thread, paper, fabric, music wire, plant material and canvas on sheet aluminum. Floor: Acrylic, charcoal, ash, canvas, string, wax, campstool, rose glass and hardware on wood.
114 x 52 x 50″

A Dominant Stance 2015

Bleach, dye, oil, varnish, acrylic and stainless steel on wood.
26.5h x 34w x 22.5d”

Blind Sight 2017

Panel Box: Acrylic, conte crayon, ink, oil, dye, wax, paper, thread, mirror, glass, wood, metal on panel. Painting: Acrylic, music wire, wax, white cane, magnets and canvas on aluminum. Chair: Pastel, fixative, dye, wax, oil and music wire.
68 x 65 x 54”

The Beckoning Way 2014

Wall: Tarp, thread, acrylic on canvas. Floor: Ash, carbon, brick, glass and acrylic.
82 x 60 x 48″

Carbon Shadows:The Audition 2020

Chairs, rigging, steel disc, felt, wood bowl, lariat, mirror, frame, ash, carbon, pastel, sumi ink, shellac and paper on paper.
20’h x 30 sq. ft. variable

Birthing Suite 2016

Scroll: Sumi, acrylic, paper, thread, pastel and oil bar on canvas. Panel: Hardboard, corten and stir paddle. Installation Size: 200 x 120 x 4″ Main Piece: ‘Loss of Recognition’. 108 x 78 x 4” Minor Pieces: Stir paddle and acrylic on canvas and aluminum. 20 x 8 x 1/2” ea.

Will You Remember Being Born? 2013

Wall: Acrylic, Sumi ink, oil, pastel, ash, string, music wire, fabric, paper, tools and canvas on sheet aluminum. Floor: Acrylic, oil, wax, silicone, chair, sandpaper, string, canvas, glass, water and hardware on wood.
112 x 50 x 52″

Memories From The Medicine Blanket 2017

Painting: Acrylic, charcoal, oil, dye, string, tarp, paper, foil and plant material on canvas. Size 120 x 100 x 33” Prints: Photo intaglio-Monoprints. Size 24 x 19″ each. Installation size 120 x 240 x 33″ variable.

Return To The Source 2012

Sumi ink, acrylic, wax, paper, string, wire, thread, cheesecloth, rust, ash, mold, stick and tarp on panel and adjacent surfaces.
126 x 112 x 28″ variable

Fumes of a Cleansing Memory 2013

Wall: Acrylic, Sumi ink, oil, oil bar, paper, thread, fabric, ash and apothecary bottle on canvas on sheet aluminum. Floor: Stone kneeler and ash.
96 x 40 x 26″

Reflections Through The Bridalveil 2013

Wall/Floor: Oil bar, pastel, oil paint, acrylic, and thread on canvas and panel. Assemblage: Acrylic, Sumi ink, emulsion, shellac, marble dust, ash, paper, stone fossil, water, drawers, loom parts, key and candles on canvas and panel.
159 x 120 x 24″

Compelled to Shimmer: A Ring Toss 2017-2020

Wood frame, glass, engraving (WH Simmons), aluminum, canvas, shellac, ash, acrylic, lead, hardware cloth, wire, music wire, gun bluing, wax and drape rings. Wood frame and mirror. Wood depot bench and conte crayon.
60 x 73 x 54”
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